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Photo of Little Jill
The Story of Jill Sabet and Jonathan Schulte

Gillian (Jill) Marie Sabet was born December 12, 1987. She was a treasure, a bundle of sparkling light and laughter from the very beginning, filled with an inner strength, independence and a vitality that made her love life, seek joy and inspire it in others. She experienced more than her share of sad times. She suffered the loss of her older brother, Jonathan, who lost his life to leukemia at eight years old. For a while, she lived in a family overwhelmed by grief and yet her sweetness and her unique ability to share and spread that contagious inner sparkle of spirit that burned within her, brought happiness back into her home. She never fully realized it, but Jill's ability to be happy and bring joy to others was her special gift to the world.

Photo of Little Jill

Jill determined early on to make her world a special place. She was comfortable with people, oblivious to social and racial distinctions that intimidate others. She grew up in a bilingual and multi-cultural environment in which she thrived. She was a typical, strong-willed teen-age girl, addicted to her cell phone and "instant messenger". She collected purses, borrowed and shared clothes with her girlfriends. She loved to shop and watch scary movies late at night, with her friends, and especially with her dad. She liked to eat popcorn and cry over "chick flicks" with her mom.

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