Stay Informed:
The Story of Jill Sabet and Jonathan Schulte

She naturally put her homework off till the last minute. She couldn't quite figure out fractions, let alone algebra. For years, she addressed her letters backwards, putting the return address in the middle of the envelope instead of the left hand corner. But her communication skills could not be matched. She looked everyone in the eye when she talked to them, and would speak her mind as easily to her principal and her parents as she would to her very best friends. Her fingers could fly across a computer keyboard and she could send a text message at the speed of light, even (and probably often) during class, or under the covers in the middle of the night.

She did her best to please her parents and teachers, worked hard to keep a B average in school but she never put performance before the pure and simple pleasure of living her life and loving every moment of it. She was always planning her next adventure. She had confidence in her own sense of what truly mattered - family, friends, and faith - in herself and in those she loved. She never left any sincere person out of her circle of friends. She loved to laugh; she loved to pose; she loved to dress up and she loved to hang out in her pajamas until 4:00 in the afternoon. Her most treasured possessions were a pair of baby blankets, which she took with her everywhere she went. Even when she got too big to take the real things with her, she carried little cut-off pieces of them in her backpack or her purse. And she couldn't sleep without them - one which was her own, and the other which had belonged to her big brother, before he went to heaven.

She hated injustice. She wept while reading "Night" and "Native Son". Her favorite films were "A Walk to Remember", "10 Things I Hate About You", and "Sandlot." The last video she and her mom cried through was "Phantom of the Opera" only a week before she died. She simply loved to love others. She cherished her relationships above everything else and spent most of her time nourishing them.

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