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The Story of Jill Sabet and Jonathan Schulte

In the fall of 2004, Jill met Jonathan Schulte, a 16-year-old Servite High School Junior. He was an accomplished athlete who also bravely battled juvenile diabetes, inspiring other teens around him. He was active and enthusiastic, a friend to everyone he knew, just like Jill, and someone who shared other unique qualities with her. They both had the same initials; he shared her beloved older brother's first name - the brother who died of cancer. He was good to her little brother, Jason. He liked her mom's cooking and made a good impression on her dad. And, like Jill, Jonathan came from a family who had also experienced terrible grief. He had lost his mother to cancer only a few years before. Being familiar with the way that kind of heartbreak affects a family, Jill sensed that Jonathan was still struggling to pull himself out of the dark place his spirit had retreated to after his mom's death. In Jill, Jonathan found inspiration and a reason to make his way back into the light, especially into the circle of light she lived in.

Photo of Jill and Jon

Jonathan knew, like the rest of us, that the light just came from somewhere inside Jill. It was that part of her that drew him to her. He wrote her poems. He brought her flowers constantly. He sometimes left his home in Anaheim at 5:00 a.m. to drive all the way to San Juan Capistrano just to leave a giant "I love Jill Sabet" poster hanging over the entrance to her high school and then make it back to Santa Ana in time for his first period class. He didn't get to see the light in Jill's eyes when she drove up to school and found his message taped to the wall; he didn't get to see her grin at the way her friends and teachers teased her about it, but he worked his way into her heart with his persistent and absolute sincerity.

For the seven months they had together, Jonathan believed that Jill was the key to his re-discovered happiness. "I love the fact that you love me," he wrote to her. "I love the fact that I've cried over you... and that you've cried over me. I love the fact that the tears shed, show us how much we care about each other. I can't survive without you, Jill... you're the last thing I have to keep me going." For a few months they loved each other, experienced all the ups and downs, all the hopes and dreams of a young relationship in that impossibly BIG way that only innocent, un-jaded teens can feel.

Photo of Jill and Jon

Jill and Jonathan should have lived long and happy lives. They should have experienced the joy of their senior year in high school, graduation and college. They should have traveled around the world with their friends the way they wanted to. Whether to each other or to someone else, they should have married one day; they should have had children to love as they were loved so deeply by their own parents.

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